"There is one extraordinary ingredient that goes into everything I cook and bake. Please, do not forget this ingredient for it is important to all recipes. When I am cooking or baking, I add extra spoonful's of love to all my recipes. Love added to all things good makes them just a little bit better."

Hi everyone, this is just an FYI to know.
I am no longer supplying Amazon.com with my cookbooks.
Yet, Sharing Mountain Recipes is still available to the public, here on my website for $20 with free shipping.

Although, Baking at High Altitude cookbook has been enjoyed by 1000’s, it is now sold out and at this time I am not doing another reprint.

My Sharing Mountain Recipes cookbook is filled with TIPS/ADJUSTMENTS for High Altitude Baking and Cooking, plus over 172 Recipes, many of which have been enjoyed for decades to date. Many of the recipes are old fashioned while others are more up-to-date. Yes, I have a few vegan and veggie recipes included.
Yes, there are many to recipes for baking in this cookbook, including wheat bread, oat bread and the best tasting buttermilk biscuits I have ever tasted!

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